The emotions that follow a serious illness can be difficult to express. It is an experience that will force a person to reckon with their ultimate goals in life. Each new moment shifts the balance between grace and uncertainty, between faith and doubt.

But along with crisis comes the opportunity to find new meaning. Old wounds become new openings and we begin to see the world through the eyes of the heart.

These Films and Reflections are meant to honor a community built on strength and fellowship. They are intended to remind us that our lives matter and that we are not alone.

We hope they can inspire a conversation, evoke an emotion and remind us that joy can be found in unexpected ways.


The Pallidocs Team

A Modicum of Joy

A Modicum Of Joy is a modern film that explores the intersection of art and medicine in the face of a serious illness. The documentary follows Nashville photographer Fred Dusel III as he considers the role of palliative care in managing his own disease: metastatic lung cancer. Fred reminds us that wisdom can be found between the hollows of hope, ritual and the arts. The film offers a novel platform for outreach and education.

Directed by John Stavas & Dr. Mark Stavas
Produced by Dr. Sara F. Martin,
Director of Photography: Cody Huff


Harold & Bev

Harold and Bev is a film that follows Country Music Hall of Fame legend Harold Bradley during his journey with dialysis. The film explores the benefits and burdens of choosing a treatment that may offer “more time”. It demonstrates the trials of aging and the impact a serious illness can have on caregivers and family.

Directed by John Stavas
Produced by Dr. Mark Stavas and Dr. Jamie Dwyer
Director of Photography Cody Huff
Edited by John Stavas & Cody Huff


Intentional Healing

Intentional Healing is a restorative documentary that follows the famed Nashville music producer Jesse Boyce as he contemplates his own mortality following a diagnosis of terminal prostate cancer. He returns to the studio as an artist, producer and mentor to compose one last song with Black Violin. The film demonstrates the healing power of music and candidly depicts 21st-century cancer care in Music City. To Jesse, hope is a lasting belief that life will be fine regardless of the outcome; joy is independent of the journey.

Directed by John Stavas
Produced by Drs. Mark and Joseph Stavas
Director of Photograpy: Cody Huff